Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Blizzards and Street parking- an unsavory combination

Attention all Lakewoodites!
it is time to “rekindle’ our snow storm memory.
Snow storms are hard on Lakewood. Our 9,400 people/square mile, and our in excess of 35,000 cars make this time of year our most challenging.
The good news is that we now have a two year supply of salt. The bad news is that we will have to use it!

Some key observations about removing snow in Lakewood:
       1) It is hard to make progress while it is still coming down.

2) The worst. Storms to clear are the ones that start right at the beginning of a work day- 6AM- 8AM. This is because rush hour is very difficult, traffic makes plowing more difficult, and remember #1 above, it is difficult to make headway.

3) It takes about 48 hours after a storm is finished to really clear all of our 93 miles of streets.

4) Parked cars make snow plowing very difficult.

5) Salt takes traffic to grind it in to become effective. So first cars out face the biggest challenge.
Snow bans are automatically in effect on our main arteries (listed below) when accumulation is 4 inches or more.

Should We really get blasted with 8 plus inches, I may have to declare a city wide snow ban. This means every car parked on every street must be removed for 24 to 48 hours so that we may clear the streets. Eliminating parked cars will speed our efforts to get back to normal.
parking is available in all muncipal lots. do not forget that driveways are even better for parking in these emergencies.

Please pass on this information to your neighbors who park on the street. Of course, be a good neighbor and help one another.
Keep up to date by checking:

2) follow city twitter: @lakewoodoh
3) follow my twitter: @lakewoodmayor

Emergency Snow Parking Bans

Whenever there is snow fall of four (4) inches or more within a twenty-four (24) hour period, the emergency snow ban takes effect. The snow ban restrictions on parking take effect without any requirement of an announcement by the City of Lakewood.

In the event of a snow fall of four inches or more, parking is not permitted on streets posted as emergency snow ban streets. Motorists should always consult the posted signs, and be advised that in the event of a snow fall of four inches or more, the emergency snow parking bans will be enforced.

The Emergency Snow Parking Ban streets are as follows:

  • Athens Avenue (Carabel to Lincoln)
  • Belle Avenue (Madison to Lake)
  • Berea Road (Horseshoe Bridge to W. 117th)
  • Bunts Road (Lakewood Heights Boulevard to Clifton Boulevard)
  • Clifton Boulevard (Webb to W. 117th)
  • Delaware Avenue (McKinley to Brown)
  • Detroit Avenue (Gridley to W. 117th)
  • Lake Avenue (Webb to W. 117th)
  • Lakewood Heights Boulevard (Woodward to Horseshoe Bridge)
  • Madison Avenue (Riverside to W. 117th)
  • Riverside Drive (Sloane to Fischer)
  • W. 117th Street (Berea to Edgewater)
  • Warren Road (Lakewood Heights Boulevard to Clifton Boulevard)

Lakewood Codified Ordinance 351.26 contains the provisions of the emergency snow parking bans.

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